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 [b]Satans Return Recruiting[/b]

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[b]Satans Return Recruiting[/b] Empty
PostSubject: [b]Satans Return Recruiting[/b]   [b]Satans Return Recruiting[/b] Icon_minitimeSat Nov 22, 2008 8:21 pm

Hello, I am the leader of Satans Return and I would like too announce that we are recruiting. Any level that would like too join is welcome. Send me a letter Or Message me or even leave a post here. If i dont answer, try too message me again later. I probabaly am Questing or Hunting if i dont answer, but here is what i would like too no when you message me.

Why you would like too Join my guild. 2-3 Reasons WHY
You're level, skills. (axing, swording, clubbing, shielding, distance fighting magic level.)
Weather your hunted, or not. If so who you are hunted by. Just so we can take care of it.

That is all my requirements once you speak with me. Then i will discuss it with my vice leaders, and then we will vote on it.

Thanks in advance,
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[b]Satans Return Recruiting[/b]
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